We will not be a simple coin, in the future we will have our own blockchain with a broad ecosystem, $Orcs will be our first coin that comes to provide a unique and fair opportunity for all those who have been affected by the latest events in the world of the cryptocurrencies. We love the BSC network and small supplies, that's why this coin will only have 10,000,000 Supply, and with a very strong burn system, let's see this coin with a high market value, it will be something very revolutionary, where everyone will have the chance to get on board.


15% $Orcs Coin Presale, 1$Orcs = 1$ USD. (You can buy $Orcs with BUSD

through Metamask). (5 month vesting)

5% Dex Liquidity, Launch 1$Orcs = 3$ USD.
10% Marketing & Costs. (5 month vesting)
5% Team. (5 month vesting)

1% for Medals buyers. (50 month vesting)
5% Community. (50 month vesting)
10% Active-staking web game. (5 month vesting)

5% for Nft buyers (Only 6,000 NFT), These nft will be used in the active-staking web game. (The NFTs will be purchased with $Orcs, these will be added to the active-staking web game.) (50 month vesting)
18% Burns in first 5 months of launch. (5 month vesting)
11% Future projects, Contests, Etc. (5 month vesting)
15% Will burn 2% every month after 5 months of launch. (50 month vesting)


How to participate in $Orcs presale?

First click on the circle where it says "presale" this will take you to the web.


When you are on the website, click buy $Orcs, then enter the amount you want to buy in BUSD.

In the presale each $Orcs has a fixed price, example: ​

1 BUSD = 1 $Orcs ​

You will be able to claim your $Orcs directly at Website.

Orcs Medals


Each Orc Medal costs 50 $Orcs. Only 1,000 units will be sold, 1% supply will be distributed to medals buyers, as described in the distribution paragraph.

6,000 NFT & Active-staking web game

When will the web-game and the sale of the 6,000 nft be released?
It will be after launching $Orcs publicly for everyone. After the Dex liquidity is created, the date will be announced.

Only those who buy those 6,000 nft, will be able to use the web-game?


Will we have to wait a while to use the nfts in the active participation web game?
nft can be used immediately.

Will it be possible to earn money with the nft purchased, or will we only receive 5% of the supply said in the distribution? Of course, that's what it's all about, that's why it includes the staking name, you're going to earn money for having your nft and participating every day in our active-staking web game.

the 5% of the supply is an extra gift.

Are nfts forever or do they have an expiration date? They will have an expiration date, and after expiration they will be put on sale again.

The nft have a useful life of 12 months, where you will earn the money invested in your nft + 12%. have

Nearest future project

Lottery, bets, mini-games.

Website for nft sales.

Many more projects very soon. In all these projects $Orcs will be used and they will have a burning system.

At the time of launching our own blockchain, our $Orcs token from the BSC network, you will also find it in our blockchain so there is no need to worry, the future that awaits us as a community is bright, we just need your support.